Blink or Clarice Ferguson from X-men Days of Future Past costume finished.

I made the coat from scratch, hand beaded 90% of the beads. The sleeve decoration itself took me 28 hours. It was my first time beading properly and did it very intensely.

This whole costume is full of effort, but I’m very happy with the result. Great experience to learn new skills. 


Lilian Over the Rainbow. A story book.

Project one for form an structure class I’m currently doing at uni. The story is inspired by Peter Pan. I actually came up with the idea in 2008, I made some pages at that time but never actually finish it. When the class started and we’re assigned to make a graphic story book from an existing book, I know it’s a good opportunity to finally do it. There’s a maximum words so I can’t make it as detailed as I initially plan to. 

It’s a recontextualised Peter Pan story. I gender swap all the main characters like Peter Pan, the lost boys, and Captain Hook. Instead of flying, their main transport is sliding on rainbows. There’s no fairies, but each of the children has an intelligent talking animals as their side-kick. At the end of the story, not like Peter Pan, all of the children go back to the real world, including Lilian. 

I chose to recontextualised it the way it is, with the idea of giving example that girls can have fun too. For the ending, I made it that everyone went back to the real world, because dealing with harsh reality is just another adventure for strong ladies.

If you’re interested, I can tell you about the more detailed version of the story.

Thank you for reading. 


Just recently, I was working as the art department and prop maker for a short student film called “The Dating Ring” by Sarah Walton.

The props I made was, a children story book, book covers for ‘Mannerism’. Other things that I did were covering logos, getting other props, and timing the shot lengths. 

It was so much fun. The cast and crew were wonderful. 

Main actors: Emily Goddard and Nick Farnell.

Thunder girl. 2014.

Done on photoshop. Using the super awesome Ben’s cintiq. 


Photos of my Despicable Me Minions cosplay from Chaoz!

First and second pic by Scholarty

Third pic by Captain patch-it

Made the overalls from scratch. Made the goggles as well.


Low budget minion goggles! 


1. Empty chai container

2. Sketch pad back board

3. Tiny bit of clay

4. Acrylic paint

5. Elastics

Hot glue it all together! 

These past 5 days, I was working as an art department assistant in a short student film called “Euxine” by Tess Hutson.

Following the lead of the wonderful and talented Isabella Andronos, I worked on making the costumes more 19th century sailor accurate, fixing costumes, drying wet costumes, baking prop biscuits, looking after fake tattoos, and other exciting stuff. 

Everyone on set was wonderful. It was definitely a great experience and I learned a lot from it.

Awesome make-up artist: Ali Knapton

Actors: Scott, Alex, Mick, Ant, and Tom.

Practicing with watercolour my old friend.. 

Need to get used to it for a uni project, this is gonna be fun.

The second one accidentally end up looking a bit like Rapunzel.

Inspired by the minions t-shirt, I made the clay version as the actual minions. 

Handmade of artificial coloured clay.

Mermaid tattoo design for a short film.

Might not gonna be used tho. Wrong style.